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Early Indian Summer.

Maine Potato Harvest: Filling Organic Maine Certified Seed Potatoes Into Hardwood Pallet Boxes On Wood Prairie Family Farm.

   Our Lockwood Potato Harvester transfers Organic Maine Certified Seed Potatoes via a pivoting boom into a ‘Potato Bulk Body’ which travels alongside.

     When we finish digging a Potato seed lot, we’ll come into this pallet-box-filling station located in our farmyard adjacent to our underground Potato Storage. As we fill boxes we sort out missed rocks and dirt clods.  We store our entire crop in stacked 4-foot-cube hefty hardwood boxes which each hold 2000-pounds of Potatoes.

     In this shot - on a recent cool morning which bottomed out at +35oF - are (from left to right) Justin (on the forklift), Megan (green cap), Caleb's sister Amy (pink Hoodie), and Caleb (next to the red 70-Barrel Bulk Body trailer). Caleb's 2-year-old Rottweiler 'Ralph,' a real sweetheart, supervises hoping someone will toss him a stick.

    While the small crew of Caleb, Justin, Jim & Adam out harvesting, Megan and Chelsea work with the office crew (Frank & Randel) to keep current on shipping orders. 


     While we endure of Harvest, new crop Organic Maine Certified Seed Potatoes are available online for Pre-Ordering in small-sack-sizes. We’ll begin shipping Organic Seed Potatoes when they are ready by early November.

  As always, thanks for your gracious support!

Caleb, Jim & Megan Gerritsen & Family
Wood Prairie Family Farm

Bridgewater, Maine

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Caleb & Jim & Megan Gerritsen
Wood Prairie Family Farm
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Bridgewater, Maine 04735
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Wood Prairie Family Farm | 49 Kinney Rd. Bridgewater, ME 04735